Made by Raoul Scholtens for the Paint Game Jam 2021.

This game was made in 48 hours, in Unity with some help from C# and Javascript. All the art is painted in the lovely software MS paint.

With some additional challenges:

  • Make all your own sound effects using only sounds you can make with your mouth. Onomatopoeia recommended.
  •  Only use the default MS Paint color palette.
  • Draw your assets without a drawing tablet.

Had a ton of fun, would definitely do it again.  

this is Baarn

Special shoutout to Youri Schuring for the lovely experience and all the advice and help <3.


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toon is just lit

you are lit!


Not only where you able to create art, you also where able to give everyone the opportunity to become an artist. And the best game music I have ever heard, and I played Celest!

Celeste copied from this game, I have an open law-suit with them.

That OST is fire, you gotta link for a download? haha

Thanks, here you go: